After about an hour out at sea, Natalie warns Sebastian that a bad storm is coming and that she can’t continue the tour. Sebastian is angry. Why? Because the trip was a waste of his time and money? Nope. Because he wants his other hour. Alone. With Natalie. I remember my heart jumping after reading this part, y’all. It gets so so so sexy after this.


In this story, it turns out the being Shipwrecked isn’t such a bad thing….


I absolutely love when the main characters in the story share such a strong attraction and have great chemistry. Carmel Rhodes’s writing style is clean and straight to the point. This story was so so hot, and there is a surprising twist at the end that I’m not going to give away. Read it for yourself, you will NOT regret it! If you love erotic romance with juicy scenes and a bit of humor and feistiness, this book is for YOU!


*I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!*


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Shipwrecked by Carmel Rhodes -Review

Billionaire CEO Sebastian DeLuca and his brother are all set for a two-hour fishing expedition in Tahiti with Storm Fishing Tours. His brother is too sick to come with him, so Sebastian heads out alone and bumps into the woman who’s in charge of the tour, Natalie Storm. Sebastian is surprised to learn that Jay DeLuca, her father, cannot make the tour either, and things get super sexy from there. Sebastian is instantly attracted to shy yet feisty Natalie, and Natalie is surprised at how she reacts to Sebastian. His words and actions make her continuously blush.