Sinning In Vegas by Sam Mariano!

Helloooo lovelies! I just had to gush about Sam Mariano's new release in the Vegas Morelli family series called Sinning In Vegas! It's the follow up to Staying In Vegas, and in true Sam Mariano fashion, it was dark, twisted, and hot, hot, hot!!

What a ride! I am absolutely loving this series, especially our heroine, Laurel! She's tough and she's been keeping up pretty well with our bad boys. I have to admit I worried about how she would handle all of the craziness that comes with the Morelli family, but she fits right in. Big ups to Sam for writing such amazing and complex characters and stories! Reading her books is like watching a movie. The Morelli family is one that you will not forget after getting trapped into their world.

Here's the cover, the blurb, and the link to buy it on Amazon.

Life in Vegas was no fairy tale. Prince Charming turned out to be a well-dressed frog, and my dark knight cuffed me to his bed. One left his mark on my body; one left his mark on my heart. Both taught me an important lesson: the high-stakes games they play in Sin City are too rich for my blood. Fleeing Vegas and the sexy monsters who live there was the first good decision I’ve made in a while. All I want to do now is lick my wounds and get back to my boring, normal life. Studying for finals with an ironic mug full of lemon tea, backyard cook-outs courtesy of my brother-in-law, and binge-watching old shows with my sister every night—that is the life I want back. No more pulse-pounding sexiness, no more ruthless bad guys clawing my heart apart for their own purposes. All I want is to be normal again. That’s it. The problem is, I’m not sure it’s possible to get back to normal once the Morelli family gets involved… Book 2 of 3 in the Vegas Morelli family trilogy! Note: This is not a standalone. Book one must be read before you read this one.

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