Taken By the Russian by Alexa Riley & Jessa Kane

Wheeew y’all….let me just say that Alexa Riley has a new fan…for LIFE. I loved this story so much and it is definitely in my top 3 of 2017!


I decided to take a break from my other books to read ‘Taken by the Russian’ because I kept hearing about it from my fellow book lovers and the description sounded too juicy to resist. 


A Russian man named Sasha is hired by congressman David Orlov to protect his daughter named Anya after her mother is killed. Anya’s father is distraught and pays no attention to his daughter who is also hurting and suffering the loss of her mother. Sasha becomes Anya’s protector, confidant, and friend.


Anya is finally all grown up and looking forward to leaving home and heading out to college. Because her name and picture have been hidden from the media, she is safe to live on her own and away from her father and her beloved bodyguard, Sasha. Sasha is instructed to drop Anya off at college and return to work for Anya's father, but Sasha has his own plans...

Sasha has been fascinated with Anya ever since he laid eyes on her, and now he is going to make her his. His 5 years of loyal service to her father is up, and there is no looking back. His overprotectiveness and obsession take Anya by surprise because all along, she has felt the same way for him.


Get ready for a hilarious and intense ride when you open up this book! The story is super sweet, and I loved the dialogue between the two main characters. It's amazing to see how a young woman like Anya can change a stubborn man like Sasha around in such a drastic way. Anya has always been Sasha's weakness, but eventually, she becomes his strength, too.


I am not going to give away too much of the story, but if you are into super alpha males, juicy love scenes, and intense attraction between two characters, you will love 'Taken By the Russian.' I give it 5 out of 5 hearts! 


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